Introduction to NeXus HDF5 CIF Convergence

The NeXus, HDF5 and CIF scientific data formats overlap in some areas (e.g. in the capture and management of X-ray diffraction images), and there is considerable benefit to be gained by harmonising their content and working towards maximum interoperability. This forum invites discussion on this topic.

Introduction to NeXus HDF5 CIF Convergence

Postby yayahjb » Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:50 pm

NeXus (, HDF5 ( and CIF ( are all important frameworks and formats in experimental data collection. There is value in exploring the possibility of convergence among them, especially for high volume, high data rate data acquisition at synchrotrons for MX experiments with the new generation of pixel array detectors. This is a forum in which we will explore the issues involved.
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