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How to sign up on this site

Postby Brian McMahon » Fri Sep 30, 2011 9:46 pm

Please sign up to the IUCr forums according to the following instructions:

(1) Go to the URL
(2) In the middle of the page, there is a login form. Immediately above that is a link to "Register". Please click on that link.
(3) Following the page where you must click the button "I agree to these terms", you will find a short registration form. Please complete this form. It is very helpful if you choose a Username that is either your full name (e.g. Brian McMahon) or an abbreviated form that identifies you clearly (e.g. bmcmahon).
(4) Shortly after you complete this form, you will receive an email with a hyperlink that you must follow back to the forum to activate your registered account. (Although this step is something of a nuisance, it is important as part of the strategy to protect the privacy of the site.)
(5) Soon after you first log on as a registered user, the IUCr systems administrator shall add privileges to your user account that will allow you to see and participate in any private forums to which you have access through belonging to a Commission, Working Group or other official body of the Union. You will see any such forums whenever you log in to the site.
(6) It is recommended that you "Subscribe" to forums in which you have a particular interest by using the "Subscribe forum" link near the foot of any forum page - in this way you will receive an email notification if a new message is posted to the forum since your last login session.

If you do not see a forum to which you were expecting to have access within two working days, please write to the IUCr webmaster ( with information about your membership of relevant Commissions etc. Please remember to specify the username under which you registered when contacting the webmaster in this way.

Note that, once you have registered on this site, you will be able to participate in public and other discussions on the site without going through this procedure again.
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