Our talk presented in the ECM30 Teaching & Education MS47

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Our talk presented in the ECM30 Teaching & Education MS47

Postby JRH » Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:13 am

Dear Colleagues,
We presented the attached talk entitled "Improved access to raw diffraction data and
its impact on crystallographic education and teaching" in the ECM30 Microsymposium 47 on Teaching & Education.
The abstract is also attached.
Best wishes,
John and Brian
John R Helliwell & Brian McMahon
ECM30 Helliwell and McMahon Education and raw diffraction data_20minsa.pdf
A pdf of our talk slides presented in the ECM30 MS47 Teaching and Education
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ECM30 abstract Helliwell and McMahon.pdf
Abstract for talk at ECM30 in MS47 "Teaching and Education"
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