DDDWG Workshop at ACA 2017 New Orleans

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DDDWG Workshop at ACA 2017 New Orleans

Post by JRH » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:56 am

Dear Colleagues,

Under the auspices of the IUCr DDDWG a third Workshop has been organised for day zero of the ACA 2017 in New Orleans. The title is "Research Data Management". The timetable is below and the opening slides as a ‘charge to the workshop participants’ are attached; specifically we seek a ‘checkCIF for Raw Data’, to be developed in due course with ComCifs (Chair James Hester, Australia).

We encourage you to register. The conference webpage link is here:-

Best wishes,

John Helliwell and Brian McMahon

Friday May 26th 2017

Morning: 08:30 - 12:00

0830-0840 J.R. Helliwell & B. McMahon Introduction
0840-0900 M.L. Hackert The Science International Accord on Open Data
in a Big Data World and the IUCr's response
0900-0930 H.J. Bernstein What every experimentalist needs to know
about recording essential metadata of primary ie raw diffraction data
0930-1000 L.M.J. Kroon-Batenburg Correct recording of metadata:
towards archiving and re-use of raw
diffraction images in crystallography.

1000-1030 === COFFEE ===
1030-1100 M. Szebenyi Research data management at CHESS

1100-1130 A.J. Allen Metadata for SAS experiments
1130-1200 *** General Discussion ***

1200-1300 Lunch

Afternoon: 13:00 – 16.15

1300-1330 S. Hodson Open Science and Research Data policy mandates and requirements on Principal Investigators (PIs)
1330-1400 S. Burley Research Data Management: structure factors and
1400-1430 W. Minor Research Data Management: raw diffraction data
1430-1500 S.J. Coles Research Data Management: raw diffraction data,
structure factors and coordinates at the UK's National Crystallographic

1500-15.30 P. A. Meyer, J. Key, M. Crosas, P. Sliz SBGrid Databank
1530-1600 *** General Discussion ***

1600-16.15 === TEA ===

Subsession: 16:15- 18:15:

1615-1815 Intel Workshop
1615-1645 J. Jakoncic, H.J. Bernstein, A. Soares, Wuxian Shi, M.
Fuchs, R. Petkus and R. Sweet Dealing with the Avalanche of Data
Generated in High Data Rate Macromolecular Crystallography

1645-1715 Henry Gabb Intel Software and Programming Tools
Ecosystem for HPC
1715-1745 Henry Gabb Intel Scalable System Framework

1745-1815 *** General Discussion ***
JRHelliwell and B McMahon ACA2017 Workshopa.pdf
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