Archiving raw data: Summary of 2011 CCP4bb discussion

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Archiving raw data: Summary of 2011 CCP4bb discussion

Post by Brian McMahon » Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:39 am

(Posted on behalf of Tom Terwilliger for technical reasons.)

This is a summary of some of the unique points made in a discussion on archiving images for PDB depositions Oct-Dec, 2012 on the CCP4 bulletin board. The IUCr has commissioned The Diffraction Data Deposition Working Group (DDDWG) to consider these issues. There is a public DDDWG web site where issues are discussed.

T. Terwilliger

Relevant topics on the CCP4 bulletin board include:

Unique points made during the discussion

Information contained in raw images but not processed data

Usefulness of raw images in reinterpretation of the data

Improvements expected by saving raw images

Disadvantages of saving raw images

Feasibility and costs of raw data storage

What data should be saved?

Document identifiers and standardization

Examples of archiving images and metadata

Practical issues

Image compression

Crystallographers' opinions

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