IUCr 2020 Congress: suggestions invited re Data aspects

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IUCr 2020 Congress: suggestions invited re Data aspects

Post by JRH » Mon Dec 31, 2018 8:23 am

Dear Colleagues,
As a member of the IUCr 2020 Congress Prague Programme Committee I now request community wide input towards the programme of the IUCr2020 Congress to be held in Prague.

For Keynotes and Microsymposia:-
a) Suggestions of topics.
b) Suggestions of the possible speakers to cover those suggested topics. Please pay attention in making your suggestions to diversity matters (gender and geography eg by making more than one suggestion).
Please note that Keynote speakers from IUCr2017 in Hyderabad and IUCr2014 in Montreal cannot be proposed as Keynote speakers for IUCr2020.

For Microsymposia please do also suggest possible names of chairs and co-chairs (suggested names should be accompanied by their listing of their country and their gender).

There will also be three Plenary Lectures at IUCr2020. For your suggestions please again detail geography and gender of your proposed names.

Thank you,
Chair of the IUCr Committee on Data

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