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Crystallographic Information Fiesta!

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:02 pm
by Brian McMahon
The website of the forthcoming AIC International Crystallography School is now open and accepting registrations. The School is targeted at PhD students and young researchers from University and Industry, and aims to establish the primacy of respect for the data that underpins scientific advances (in any field, but of course especially in crystallography/structural science). There will be lectures and tutorials exploring best practice in collecting and analysing raw experimental data, in understanding and applying the data management approach promoted by the Crystallographic Information Framework in publishing and database deposition, and in data-driven discovery using the crystallographic databases. Lecturers will include members of CommDat and COMCIFS.

The school will be complementary to the CommDat-sponsored workshop "Data Science Skills in Publishing" ( ... ublishing/) and is further evidence of the growing recognition within the structural science community of the importance of first-rate research data management.

Brian McMahon
IUCr, Chester, UK