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FAIR diffraction data and IUCr journals

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 5:52 pm
by Brian McMahon
A recent editorial in a number of IUCr journals highlights the fact that authors are encouraged to provide a DOI for their deposited original raw diffraction data when they submit an article describing a new structure or a new method tested on unpublished diffraction data. For methods developed or tested with raw diffraction data, these data must be available to referees, and deposition of such data will eventually become compulsory. Permanent and prominent links will be provided from articles to the underpinning experimental data of each published research study. This initiative is designed to maintain crystallography at the forefront of the effort for enhancing transparency and reproducibility of scientific results.

The editorials, entitled Findable Accessible Interoperable Re-usable (FAIR) diffraction data are coming to protein crystallography, (the textual content is identical) are found at