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Vienna Workshop on Data Science skills in publishing

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:10 pm
by Brian McMahon
The CommDat Satellite workshop at the recent ECM32 meeting was on the topic "Data Science Skills in Publishing: for authors, editors and referees". The web page for the workshop, ... a-workshop, has been updated with a full set of presentations and links to a report of the meeting and a small photo gallery. Following on from formal presentations on the checkCIF paradigm, beyond chemical crystallography, enhancing the chemical record, and future prospects, the day concluded with an open and wide-ranging discussion on such topics as: open peer review, artificial intelligence and machine learning in extracting information and knowledge from crystallographic data, and the expanding data flows at the ever improving synchrotron radiation and X-ray laser facilities and enhancement of detectors that is still ongoing.

John Helliwell
Brian McMahon