Reproducibility and replicability in science; USA National Academies Report

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Reproducibility and replicability in science; USA National Academies Report

Post by JRH » Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:16 pm

Dear Colleagues,
I commend this important report from the USA National Academy of Sciences on Reproducibility and Replicability in Science, recently published.

The whole Report is truly excellent but to assist as “quick a read” as possible I mention that Appendix C gathers the Recommendations together neatly organised into what the Societies should be doing and what journals should be doing. Data transparency and preservation, as well as of software code, feature prominently.

The need for the report was driven by concerns over various instances of non replicability notably, but not only, in the psychological sciences and thereby worries over a growth in mistrust in science by the public. Participation in their five meetings was, naturally, USA focussed but also international.

To download your own free (pre proofs) copy you simply need to register at the National Academies Press:- ... in-science
You can also buy the final proofs corrected copy as indicated at the website.

Best wishes,
John R Helliwell
Emeritus Professor John R Helliwell DSc
Chairman of IUCr CommDat

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