Data science skills for referees: biological X-ray crystallography

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Data science skills for referees: biological X-ray crystallography

Post by JRH » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:07 am

Dear Colleagues,
My education and training motivated article “Data science skills for referees: biological X-ray crystallography“
is now available as a Green Open Access, ie as accepted, article from the University of Manchester Library Archive here:- ... cepted.pdf
My article was subject to peer review and revisions procedure with final Editor acceptance at Crystallography Reviews. It is my personal sincere hope that all journals publishing biological crystal structures will clearly encourage its referees and editors to scrutinise the underpinning diffraction data and coordinates files recommending changes where necessary, or rejection as may be required, before these are publicly accessed as “versions of record” data files.

An article narrative, “the words”, are subjective whereas the data are the objectivity. I have elaborated further on this theme in my recent open access article in the journal of Structural Dynamics here:-

Best wishes,

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