Using the Core CIF Review forum

Discussion of core CIF dictionary definitions. Please choose topic headings so that the first words refer to a particular dataname or category, whether existing or proposed.

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Using the Core CIF Review forum

Post by jamesrhester » Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:06 am

This forum is intended for discussion and review of the Core CIF dictionaries, including the new DDLm dictionaries. Please endeavour to make the first words in the subject line of your message the CIF category or dataname that you are discussing.

Proposed updates to the dictionaries will be available at the COMCIFS Github site. Github tools can be used to track and show changes to these dictionaries over time.

Note that, in order to preserve the information contained in archival CIFs, CIF dictionary changes cannot remove datanames, nor can they change the meaning of datanames. The review therefore covers things like:
  • Addition of datanames
  • Addition of enumerated values to datanames
  • Clarifying text definitions

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