Papers on Archiving raw crystallographic data

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Papers on Archiving raw crystallographic data

Post by terwill » Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:05 am

The IUCr Diffraction Data Deposition Working Group commissioned 4 papers discussing what to archive and why archiving might be a good idea. The papers are now all available in Acta Crystallographica Section D. Here are links to these open-access papers and an introduction to them:

Terwilliger, T.C. (2014). "Archiving crystallographic data." Acta Cryst. D70, 2500-2501.

Guss, J. M. & McMahon, B. (2014)."How to make deposition of images a reality." Cryst. D70, 2520-2532.

Kroon-Batenburg, L. M. J. & Helliwell, J. R. (2014). "Experiences with making diffraction image data available: what metadata do we need to archive?" Acta Cryst. D70, 2502-2509.

Meyer, G. R., Aragão, D., Mudie, N. J., Caradoc-Davies, T. T., McGowan, S., Bertling, P. J., Groenewegen, D., Quenette, S. M., Bond, C. S., Buckle, A. M. & Androulakis, S. (2014). "Operation of the Australian Store.Synchrotron for macromolecular crystallography." Cryst. D70, 2510-2519.

Terwilliger, T. C. & Bricogne, G. (2014). "Continuous mutual improvement of macromolecular structure models in the PDB and of X-ray crystallographic software: the dual role of deposited experimental data.". Cryst. D70, 2533-2543.

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